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Frequently asked questions

Keep in mind that the amount of ONGX tokens sold with volume bonuses are very limited and the only way to get top bonus is to get in early.

What am I buying?

You are purchasing ONGX Tokens, which represent a SAFE claim for future equity shares in OGinvest Limited.

OGinvest, through its affiliates, is acquiring up to 15% of Onco Generix China Limited, which owns a sterile injectables production facility in Mudanjiang, China, valued at $500,000,000.

When our ONGX Token sale is complete, OGinvest will authorize digital security shares and you will be able to convert ONGX tokens into those shares.

Why is there a discount from valuation?

By buying ONGX Tokens, you are investing into the OncoGenerix manufacturing facility alongside institutional investors. And institutional investors are able to negotiate better pricing owing to their market power. We offer a portion of this better pricing to you. There is small percentage of total ONGX Tokens available at larger discounts for the earliest supporters.

What are all possible bonuses available to me?

You can buy ONGX Tokens with some additional bonuses. While token supply lasts, investors can get volume bonuses of 5% ($6,500 minimum investment), 3% ($2,500 minimum investment), or 2% ($1,500 minimum investment). Keep in mind that if you are buying $1,500 worth of ONGX SAFE tokens during the 5% discount stage, you be only eligible for the 2% discount.

Some investors can also earn additional bonuses through our referral program, which is our way of saying “thank you” to our supporters. Sign in to see the details about the referral program details.

Keep in mind: the number of ONGX Tokens sold with volume bonuses is very limited; the only way to take advantage of the top bonuses is to get in early.

Why can’t I buy just the shares directly?

Private deals of this size are only available to large funds, banks, institutional investors, and some accredited investors. If you are such investor and you can invest a minimum of $250,000, you can purchase equity shares in OGinvest directly. You can do so by clicking on Private Deal.

Our offer passes along to smaller qualified investors specific benefits that are normally negotiated privately with institutional investors. We are utilizing new digital technologies to democratize projects that smaller investors typically cannot access. Our technology also makes it possible to manage a large number of smaller global investors efficiently.

What is a SAFE Token?

SAFE = Simple Agreement for Future Equity. An investor makes a cash investment into a company, but gets company stock at a later date, in connection with a specific event. In our case, we will initially issue ONGX Tokens (SAFE tokens) that will be convertible into equity security tokens at a ratio of 10,000 ONGX Tokens into 1 share of OGinvest.

When do I receive my tokens?

You will receive your ONGX Tokens within 1 week after we raise $625,000. If we have already hit our soft cap, you will receive your ONGX Tokens within 1 week after your purchase. Either way, to send you your ONGX Tokens you will need to provide your Ethereum wallet to us.

After our ONGX Token sale is complete, we will issue digital shares (ERC-20 compatible security tokens). At that time, you will be able to convert your ONGX Tokens into digital securities, subject to verification/KYC.

Do I need to pass verification (KYC)?

Yes. We will have to verify your identity at the time of converting ONGX Tokens into digital securities. We also have to verify your identity if you are purchasing ONGX Tokens with any type of fiat currency (USD, EUR, YEN, RUB etc.). We do not currently require identity verification if you purchase ONGX Tokens with any type of cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)

What fees do I get charged?

We do not charge you any fees in connection with your investment. Instead, we make our money by managing OGinvest for our investors. You may be charged for services provided by 3rd parties such as card payment processors or banks for wire transfer fees, but it is up to you whether you want to use their services.

How much can I invest?

You can invest as little as $100 or the equivalent in any other currency we accept. But to qualify for bonuses, you will need to invest at least $1,200.

How is this different from a Public Offering (IPO)?

While the overall concept of our sale is similar in many ways to an IPO, there are significant differences. An IPO is a registered offering, which is very costly and time consuming. By contrast, our offering is faster and less expensive, because we are reaching out only to accredited or qualified investors globally.

How are my investment funds used?

90% of funds raised will be used to complete the acquisition of shares of Onco Generix China Limited. Our investors are protected by the terms of a Share Purchase Agreement and related escrow account, which allow us to acquire Onco Generix shares in tranches of $625,000.00. As soon as the amount of deposits by our investors reaches $625,000.00, the escrow agent will disperse the funds to the current asset owner and asset owner will transfer the Onco Generix shares to OGInvest.

6% of funds raised will be held in a separate escrow account and will be available to OGInvest for management and operations, allowing the company to protect our investors’ interests and achieve the best results possible. These escrowed funds will be released 1% every half year for 4 years to cover management expenses related to OGInvest.

4% of funds raised will be used to cover 3rd party expenses related to marketing, legal fees, accounting fees and closing costs.

Why is my country blocked?

There may be several reasons. The local regulations in your country may not allow for digital token sales, or you may be from a country on “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list (Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria).

What if I do not have enough tokens for one whole number of shares of OGinvest, Ltd?

Each share of OGinvest is valued at $1,700.00 (equivalent to 10,000 ONGX Tokens). We will keep an allocation of ONGX tokens at issue price of $0.17; holders of ONGX Tokens will be able to buy additional ONGX Tokens from to be able to convert into whole security tokens.

Request for Private Deal

We are open to discuss special terms with investors looking to place over $250,000